The Returnee Wants Peace

After 18 years of suffering, I saved another world and barely returned.
Now, I thought all that was left was to enjoy peace with my beloved family…


[Round 2 – Starting Hard Mode.
Time remaining until the first trial: 30 days]
Hey, you bunch of unethical guys.

I can’t die like this.
Before the ‘trials’ hit, I cleaned up the family, built up my skills, and made thorough preparations.
But why is this mysterious figure showing so much interest in me halfway through?

“I have a question about the night we met in the cave.”
“Haha, what are you talking about? We were meeting for the first time, right?”
“…Aren’t you curious about who caused the accident that took your parents?”

What a brat, questioning our parents’ accident?
Who does he think he is?

Looking around as he suggested, I realized there were more than a couple of suspicious points.
Unseen conspiracies and hidden motives surfaced, and just when we thought things couldn’t get worse, the ‘trials’ began…

“Don’t worry, Rosha, I’ll handle it.”
“Yeah, that bastard is the most suspicious one.”
“Who’s truly insane here? It’s probably you.”

Oh, don’t fight!
At this rate, we’ll all die!

Game Elements Transmigration Magic Handsome Male Lead Aristocracy Beautiful Female Lea Fantasy World Female Protagonist Game Ranking System Medieval Modern Knowledge Nobles Slow Romance Sword And Magic

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