Widow Remarries In Sixties

Jin Xiuzhu is dead, swallowing a cup of poison wine, ending all her past grievances. Before dying, her only wish is to be reborn as a man in the next life, as being a woman is just too bitter.

Her parents favored sons over daughters, selling her off at the age of seven. She ended up in the Marquis’ mansion, becoming a lowly maid, toiling tirelessly every day. Later, when she was transferred to the courtyard of the eldest son, the lady of the house feared that her beauty would seduce the eldest son and decided to marry her off to a servant who beat his wife. It was then that she actively resisted.

Using all means, she became the honored Lady Jin in the backyard, thriving even after the mistress of the house passed away.

Unfortunately, the Marquis’ mansion fell out of favor, siding with the wrong master. With the ascension of a new emperor, all the men in the Marquis’ mansion were beheaded, and the women were given poison wine to end their lives.

Jin Xiuzhu closed her eyes in relief, but little did she know that when she opened them again, she had somehow transmigrated to a completely unfamiliar dynasty, as a widow whose husband had just died. Not only that, when her husband’s comrades came to visit the family, she resorted to tactics to latch onto them, all for the sake of leaving the impoverished countryside.

Looking at the bare walls of the house and the man lying next to her, Jin Xiuzhu made up her mind, closed her eyes, and lay down to continue sleeping.

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