Savior Who Strangles Me

“Why me?”

The shining shame of Edinbell, the bastard prince Sinclair.
And Elaina, the lame illegitimate daughter of the Asweld family.

He forces Elaina, who is about to be sold as the old duke's second wife,
into a contract marriage that no one can understand.

“I know you have no other option than this.”
“But there must be many people in the empire who live a life like a gutter like mine.”
“Because no matter who sees it, you are the biggest gutter.”

Elaina eventually accepted his proposal, and
soon they fell in love like in a childish novel.
She doesn't even know the topic.

And she found out.
Why did Sinclair have no choice but to make such a suggestion to me?
As expected, it was who broke my leg a long time ago.

“Please don’t leave me.”

When Elaina said goodbye, he prayed like a dog.

“I’d rather tell you that you hate me and that you can never forgive me again.

Every day, every time I open my eyes. As natural as breathing.

“Just like that, you push me into hell too.”

As if you could never give up anything.

“But, by my side.

“Until I die, for life.”

But Elaina made a promise.
She always comes disguised as salvation, and without fail, strangles me.
She was once his only friend, benefactor, and lover.

And now, I will abandon you, the person I want to kill, in the most miserable way.

Obsessive Love Regression

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