The Family of Time Travel Has an Ugly Wife

Before time travel, Shan Yu was the heir to a wealthy family of traditional Chinese medicine. He held a high position and had no worries about food and clothing. As a straight man, Shan Yu never thought that one day he would live with a man and had someone else’s wife with a sallow face, thin skin, and ragged clothes. There was a palm-sized blood-red birthmark at the end of his eye. The wife protected his stomach, shed tears, and knelt at Shan Yu’s feet, begging tremblingly: “Husband, I was wrong…”

In this way, Shan Yu became a taker, and in the eyes of outsiders, he became a bastard who ate, drank, whored, gambled, and beat his wife. What to do? First, he had to fill his stomach, then make some small money, open a medicine shop, change the house, and by the way, recuperate the ugly wife’s poor malnourished body, and play the role of the husband.

But… where was the promised straight man? Did they just agree to take care of each other out of humanitarianism and live together as partners?

Shan Yu looked at the ugly wife who was getting more and more beautiful under the oil lamp and thought to himself, he was so beautiful, how could he be so ugly? [This is actually the story of a straight man who time-travels and how he bends himself]

Mystery Tragedy Yaoi Family Drama Seme Protagonist Mature Historical Misunderstandings Martial Arts Mpreg Black Belly Gong

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