I Sought the Villain But Ended Up with a Husband

"I Saved the Villain and Found a Husband" is a Korean web novel that falls within the genres of romance, fantasy, and drama. The novel centers on a unique plot where the protagonist transmigrates into a novel and becomes involved with the story's villain.

The protagonist, in a bid to survive, decides to raise the story's hero alongside the villain. This twist leads to a blend of childcare, romance, and survival elements, creating an engaging narrative. The villain, who initially sees the protagonist as a mere tool, gradually develops feelings for her, adding depth and complexity to their relationship​​​​.

The novel explores themes of love, redemption, and the impact of changing one's destiny. It is known for its well-developed characters and intricate plot, which keeps readers hooked with its unexpected twists and emotional moments​​.

Overall, "I Saved the Villain and Found a Husband" is praised for its innovative approach to the transmigration trope, combining elements of romance and fantasy with a strong emotional core. Fans of the genre appreciate its blend of heartwarming and dramatic moments, making it a standout read in the web novel community​​​​.


+ Synopsis +

One day, after suddenly falling into the monster’s forest.

It’s been about two years since I befriended the monster and do something similar to a survival show.

After coincidentally saving an injured man, I realized that he was the villain from the novel I read.

So, the novel I read must have been the original story of a fantasy genre.

Therefore, from today, I am the protagonist!

With this, I’ll prevent the villain’s downfall ending,

And as for the villain’s sub-male lead son who falls for the original female lead and have the harem ending, let’s just snatch him right away!


The villain Grand Duke was raging with even deeper red eyes due to a curse.

Leciel shouted out a secret move she had become familiar with in order to calm the villain’s rage.

“Father! Pull yourself together!”

At that moment, the villain’s rage subsided.

Who would have known?

The key to calming the villain down was calling him ‘Father’.

Transmigration Child Protagonist Monsters Aristocracy Female Protagonist Nobles Abandoned Children Familial Love Age Progression European Ambience Child Abuse Adopted Protagonist Amnesia Devoted Love Interests Reincarnated in Another World Curses

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